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Wellness: our products are gentle for the skin

Our approach is to exclude substances that are considered to represent a risk of skin irritation or currently recognized as skin allergens by EU Scientific Committee on Cosmetic Products and Non-Food Products (SCCNFP)

Our hypoallergenic formulas were designed to help reduce the risk of allergies so that it is suitable for people of all skin types, even those with the most sensitive skin.

First brand of cleaning products in France approved by allergy doctors of ARCAA (Association for Clinical Research in Allergology and Asthmology, France)

Our R&D team is closely monitoring all the new developments in allergy medical research and regulations,allowing us to be proactively aware of new substances that could become potential allergens or skin irritators to ensure ongoing focus on delivering products for people even with the most sensitive skin.

Environment: respect for the planet

Since 2003 the history of L'ARBRE VERT has been built around the EU label of environmental excellence Ecolabel label with many of our internal guidelines going even above and beyond Ecolabel requirements. Most of our Home Care products are Ecolabel certified.

We prioritize ingredients of natural origin, rigorously selected based on their high quality and fit with the product, and also those in line with our Respect for Health & Wellness commitment.

We also prioritize partnerships with suppliers committed to sustainability practices.

Most of our products are made in France at our Saint-Benoît factory. Some products may also be manufactured at other plants across the EU.

L'Arbre Vert does not practice animal testing for any of the products.

L’Arbre Vert Respect for environment goes beyond developing eco-friendly products, certified by Ecolabel. Over last few years we have been partnering with ReforestAction project to help preserve and restore forests as part of the global tree planting initiative. By end of 2020 L’Arbre Vert pledged to plant 5000 trees in Amazonia and Europe.


When offering eco-friendly alternatives for household cleaning it is important to deliver on consumer expectations for product performance.

L’Arbre Vert conducts various performance tests to ensure that all the products deliver on category specific performance expectations while respecting the environment.


L’Arbre Vert partners with and supports communities within the areas of Respecting Environment and Health & Wellness. Since 2003 L’Arbre Vert has been involved in various initiatives across the world, most recently supporting the global Tree Planting effort as well as Healthcare institutions dealing with allergy-related matters.

With our mission to Respect skin health & wellness, L’Arbre Vert launched 2020 initiative to support Canadian children hospitals with Sensitive Skin products certified by Association for Clinical Research in Allergology (France). We just completed the first donation to SickKids Toronto and are working to deliver more support across Canada by the end of the year.